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LIVA is dedicated to incorporating positive Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) values within our company and identifying, alleviating, and managing ESG related issues on an ongoing basis.

Communicating about our ESG practices and performance is an important part of our business practice and we place huge value on these elements both within our own company but also in the clients we work with and other stakeholders on the M&A transactions we work on.

LIVA also plays a pivotal role in assisting the transition to clean energy by facilitating and enabling the transactions of some of the largest carbon off-setters in the world.

About Liva M&A Insurance Brokers

Liva M&A Insurance Services


LIVA is in full compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in all locations where we have offices.

LIVA has a strong focus and track record in renewables and infrastructure, advising on wind farms, solar parks and battery storage projects. We are committed to the goal of assisting some of the world's largest environmentally motivated investors. The products we advise on and structure for a transaction unlock capital immediately and enable these great businesses to redeploy it on other projects which further accelerate the renewable energy transition.

LIVA is proud of its contribution to the low carbon economy. We have advised on renewable energy deals of over 4.6 GW which will offset significant CO2 over its lifetime.

Liva M&A Insurance Services

About Liva M&A Insurance Brokers


LIVA is committed to creating equality of opportunity for all employees and applicants, promoting a safe working environment devoid of discrimination.

We foster a balanced working environment, where we deem having passions outside of work as vital to the productivity and more importantly happiness of our employees.

LIVA is in full compliance with all applicable employment laws and regulations in all locations where we have offices and has numerous policies which govern how we behave and act both internally and externally:

  • Harassment

  • Discrimination / Inclusion

  • General workplace conduct

In addition, we are committed to actively engaging with local communities to ensure that LIVA is having a positive impact in the locations where we work. This can take various forms – from contributing financially to community charities which directly benefit local people to dedicating our time to assist with community projects.

And, via Ecclesia Group's part-ownership, LIVA has indirect shareholders who are significant social welfare organistions that promote ending poverty and hunger in the world and our profits of course contribute to their great work.

About Liva M&A Insurance Brokers

Liva M&A Insurance Services


LIVA is dedicated to good corporate governance principles. We strive to have a transparent, fair and professional dialogue with our investor, business partners and employees

Below are some of the areas in which we actively seek to enforce good governance and to comply with important procedures (by adherence to our internal policies):

  • Health and safety

  • Anti-bribery and corruption and anti-money laundering

  • Robust and transparent reporting lines within LIVA

  • Appropriate due diligence on outsourced service providers

  • Workplace code of conduct and anti-discrimination

Liva M&A Insurance Services


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